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How does MultiplyMyTraffic. com work?


Members create MMT links and these links are Indexed and syndicated across the web via Press Releases, blog posts, social media marketing etc. So when anyone clicks on those links that other members have created your AD will show up, similarly other members ad's will show up on the links you create and you also receive 10 credits everytime your link is clicked.

 All you need to do is make sure you create atleast 10 ADs and create as many links as possible and use it in your blog or press releases or comments etc. so that you continue to earn credits and your AD's keep displaying on other members link.


Basically there are 2 ways to generate traffic and 2 ways to use credits.

How to Earn Credits

  1. When you create and promote MMT links, you earn ten AD credits each time your MMT link is clicked.
  2. When new members signup with MMT using your affiliate link, you earn a percentage of credits when any of your referral's links get clicked. This is very powerful and viral feature of this site. 
  3. You can also purchase credit packs which are a great way to ensure that your AD's will get enough exposure throughout the day.

How to use credits

  1. You create ADs to promote your offers or affiliate promotions. Your ADs get displayed on other members links. Your ads will be displayed as long as you have enough credits. Ten credits are needed to show your ad once.

When you refer other members, they are added to your Multiply My Traffic Downline.

You earn ad credits and traffic every time any of your downline members' links get clicked.

You can also earn commissions if they upgrade.

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