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Why am I not getting enough traffic to my site?


Please note that the traffic you receive to your site depends on number of AD's you create and the CTR for those ads. Just like google you only get traffic when your AD is clicked. So you need to make sure you have enough AD's and that they have strong call to action.

Following tips might help you increase the traffic to your site

  • Create atleast 10 AD's, you can create as many AD's as you like and creating more AD's increases your chances for getting more Traffic
  • Create AD's in different catagories, since the AD views are dependent on the AD categories, try mixing it up a little bit to see how it affects your traffic. You can choose more then one or even select all categories for your AD's
  • Make sure you have enough credits. If your account runs out of credits your AD's will stop showing and you will not get any traffic to your site.
  • Create a Banner AD or an HTML AD. This has shown to boost up the CTR by 400%
  • Disable non performing AD's. If you are an upgraded member (Platinum, Diamond or Elite), you can view how the AD's are performing and see which ones are getting clicked. Pause the AD's that are not getting any clicks and try to clone and tweak the AD's that have high CTR. This will help you get quality traffic to your site.

 Please refer to our blog post "Creating AD's that Convert" to learn how to create good AD's that convert and bring targeted traffic to your site.

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