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How do I create MMT links? or How do I earn credits? or How do I cloak affiliate Links?


You can generate MMT link for any site that you want to promote.

Your MMT Link will show an ad that’s relevant to the same target niche.

Every time your MMT Link displays, you earn ad credits so you can get your ads displayed on another member's link.

You get 10 ad credits every time your links get clicked for your ad to display on another member's link.

Here's how to use the Multiply My Traffic Link Generator:

1) Enter a FULL website address. (MUST include full url, starting with "http://")
2) Enter a link name. (Only you will see this title for tracking purposes.)
3) Choose your target niche.
4) Click "Generate Multiply My Traffic link".
5) Scroll down to see it under "My Newest Links".
6) Click "View" to view it.
7) Click "Edit" to edit it.
8) You can view the number of clicks on your link.
9) You can click on "My Active Links" to see all of the links you’ve created.
Now, whenever you want to promote that website, use your new MMT link instead of the original link.

You want to do this with all of your links: your affiliate links, your own website, whatever you want. Create MMT links out of them, and then use and promote your new MMT Links instead of the default link so that you generate points on autopilot.

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