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How do I get Traffic? or How do I create ADS in MMT?




Members create links and these links are posted all over the internet via forum postings, comments, blog posts, social media etc. So when anyone clicks on those links that other members have created your AD will show up and if your AD is compelling then they will click through to go to your landing page.

All you need to do is make sure you create atleast 10 ADs and create as many links as possible and use it in your blog or press releases or comments etc. so that you continue to earn credits and your AD's keep displaying on other members link.


Write a 2-4 line short and meaningful AD with a call to action (Like click here, check out the free video etc.) We recommend creating at least 10 AD's, more ads will drive more traffic to your site when your ADS are clicked.

Once your AD's are approved they will show up across our network against the category that you selected and will drive targeted traffic to your AD's.

Make sure your AD's are attractive and have strong call to action so that users who see your AD would click them and go to your site to get more information.

Each AD display will use up 10 credits as they are shown, we recommend using HTML or Images for AD's for attracting maximum Clicks to your AD. This feature is available to Platinum and above members.

Remember to choose only the appropriate category since selecting all categories will deplete your the credits in your account faster and you may end up getting untargeted traffic.

Don't forget to save and preview your AD's to see how they would look to visitors.

Your ads display when other members’ links are clicked.

Here are the step by Step Instructions on how to use the MMT Ad Generator:

  1. Click on the "Ads" link
  2. Pick a title for your ad. (Only you will see this title for tracking purposes.)
  3. Choose the specific category for your ad.
  4. Design your ad by typing in your ad text, change the font, color, etc. Upgrade your membership to allow banner ads and images.
  5. Enter the target URL for the destination page you want people to go to.
  6. Click "Preview" to view how your ad will display.
  7. When you are done, click "Save AD".
  8. You can scroll to the bottom to view "My Viral Ads".
  9. Ad status always starts as "Pending Admin Approval". (To protect your credits, we manually check & approve every ad to be sure you’re not wasting credits on ads that aren't formatted correctly.)
  10. Once approved (usually within 24 hours), your ad is activated and ad status changes to "Approved". (If not approved, you will be notified about what to correct & you can resubmit.)
  11. Once active, you check how many times your ad was displayed.
  12. You can also delete or Pause your ads at any time.

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