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How to Create ADs that Convert?


To create hign converting AD's you need to  make sure you follow the checklist before you create an AD.

  • The AD should be short and Simple to understand (Not more then 3 lines)
  • Place the AD in the correct Category
  • Make sure there is a call to Action on every AD
  • If your ad doesn't fit in the display box, it probably won't get clicked, so always Preview your ad.
  • If your ad is all text, don't include a full sales letter. It won't all display anyway. Your ad should only be a few line "teaser". Make your ad link over to your full sales letter instead in Step3 of AD creation.
  • If your membership level allows both text ads and images, for best results, make your ad one OR the other, but not both.
  • When using image ads, try to use ALL the available space for the image, as that will look better and be more readable.
  • Make sure your ad is appropriate for all audiences. You don't know who might see it.


Read our blog for more suggestions.

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