MMT ADs getting an amazing 45% Click thru rate

I logged into the admin section of MMT ( when I noticed something amazing that I had to tell everyone about.

I saw that the conversion rate for few ADS that showed up using our system had a  Clickthrough rates (CTR) of over 45%. Now if you have spent some time on the Internet trying to sell stuff, you would know that most marketers would be happy to get a 4 or 5% Clickthrough rates (listed as conversion in the screenshot) on their offer. But getting a 45% CTR is unimaginable. It would literally take thousands of dollars and lot of time to test and tweak your AD’s to get this click thru rate.


PPC Affiliate Marketing and Effective Way of Making Money

Good PPC affiliate marketing programs are decreasing in numbers because most affiliate program are putting their focus on pay per action amd pay per lead programs. But pay per click are still there, and give you a very lucative income . PPC affiliate marketing programs can be used very in effect as part of a multi-pronged internet marketing approach to help your online business thrive.